Gujarat riots

The 2002 violence in gujarat, godhra and after was reported widely by the media , both indian and global the nature of the violence, the role of the state. Of the nine cases relating to the gujarat riots of 2002, six have seen judgments delivered, including the naroda patiya massacre case. Watch: how modi reacted when late pm atal bihari vajpayee reportedly rapped him over the gujarat riots he asked modi to follow 'raj.

A special panel of the indian supreme court probing the deadly 2002 gujarat riots says there is no evidence that gujarat's chief minister. Horrific as the gujarat riots were, they were not solely responsible for the segregation in the statea property law unique to gujarat, the.

Having earlier studied the 2002 “anti-muslim riots in gujarat”, class 12 political science students will now read about the “gujarat riots” in an. A group of human rights activists and academics, both at home and abroad, have once again tried to rake up the 2002 gujarat riot episode, with. India has for the first time published detailed figures on the number of people killed in the religious riots in the western state of gujarat in 2002. The gujarat high court upheld the conviction of former bajrang dal leader babu bajrangi's conviction in the naroda patiya case, the worst.

The carnage in gujarat did not occur suddenly and simply in reaction to what happened in godhra the sangh parivar politically thrived only through hate. In his autobiography, former president pranab mukherjee wrote that the gujarat riots were possibly the biggest blot on the vajpayee's.

Gujarat riots

Harsh mander recollects a meeting with ashok mochi, whose photograph had come to symbolise the terror of the 2002 carnage. Myth 01: 2000 muslims were killed in the gujarat riots myth 02: muslims were ' butchered' in gujarat myth 03: whole of gujarat was burning myth 04: the.

The 2002 gujarat riots, also known as the 2002 gujarat violence and the gujarat pogrom, was a three-day period of inter-communal violence in the western. The 2002 gujarat riots were a three-day period of unspeakable communal violence in the indian state of gujarat by extremist hindus at that.

A decade after deadly riots in india's state of gujarat left over 1000 people dead, many cases relating to the killings are still far from closed. Providing compensation for the death of a loved one as an institutional response to the violence of the anti-muslim riots of 2002 seems. Narendra modi has emerged unscathed from unprecedented scrutiny of his role in the 2002 gujarat riots and has nothing to apologise for,.

gujarat riots The 1969 gujarat riots refers to the communal violence between hindus and  muslims during september–october 1969, in gujarat, india the violence was.
Gujarat riots
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